About Us

Corps Solutions provides industry-leading training and education services to prepare U.S. national security stakeholders to thrive in complex operational environments.


Our purpose is to make a lasting contribution to those who serve our nation. We achieve this purpose by delivering exceptional services at a fair price and by providing our employees with a secure work environment while encouraging them to achieve their professional and personal goals.

Our Ethos

  • People. We are defined by the people we hire and by how well we take care of our clients and each other. We are a partnership where each employee is expected to contribute to the greater good of the company and in return shall share in the success that their work made possible.
  • Integrity. We are resolute in demonstrating our integrity in our words and deeds. We conduct business ethically, put our client’s best interests first, always accomplish the mission, and deliver on all of our promises.
  • Value. We deliver consistent, high quality services and products while maintaining competitive prices. We do this by hiring employees who share our values and sense of purpose, through continuous process improvement and quality management, and by keeping our organization lean.

Our Philosophy

Organizations, regardless of profession, face increasingly complex challenges that demand well trained personnel and proven methods to make timely, informed decisions. Future training will have to meet more demanding requirements and become even more focused, realistic, efficient and robust. This requires highly experienced subject matter experts with recent, relevant operational or industry experience. Small companies such as Corps Solutions are capable of quickly adapting to emerging requirements, of recruiting and retaining top talent, of personalizing services to meet and exceed customer expectations, and of providing best value through low overhead cost structures.