Contract Vehicles - Capabilities

Scenario Development and Exercise Design. Corps Solutions has a proven track record for providing practical, realistic and comprehensive Scenario Development and Exercise Design services to DOD and US governmental organizations. We support US defense establishment and emerging national security customers in carrying out critical training by developing scenarios and exercises that closely replicate real world conditions and threat situations. Our approach to Scenario Development and Exercise Design includes:

  • Scenario Development: Produce customized scenarios related to real-world events; Utilize vignettes and case studies to analyze relevant strategic and operational issues; Incorporate role players to facilitate discussion; Leverage methods that analyze courses of action and identify sources of instability

  • Exercise Design: Provide virtual and collaborative environments that replicate real world situations; Conduct Command Post, Table Top and Full Scale Exercises; Establish objectives, conduct planning conferences, produce Master Scenario Events Lists and After Action Reports; Facilitate Exercise Control; Provide White Cell augmentation

Organizational Development and Staff Leadership Training. Corps Solutions is an established leader in providing Organizational Development and Staff Leadership Training. Our unique approach is focused on developing mechanisms and processes that drive horizontal integration in accomplishing organizational tasks and developing individual excellence. Our approach to Organizational Development and Staff Leadership Training includes:

  • Organizational Development: Provide organizational planning best practices; Establish effective staff integration processes and methods; Instruct Information Management and develop Decision Support Tools; Produce and package information for most effective decision making; provide tools for organizational process improvement

  • Staff Leadership Training: Train individuals to lead planning efforts; Instill confidence in deliberate planning skills; Improve critical thinking and decision making; Instruct problem solving, course of action development; Improve an organization's ability to execute plans and achieve goals

Strategy Development and Operational Planning. Corps Solutions has a proven track record of providing focused operational planning for DOD and US governmental organizations. Our services include development of strategic objectives and operational plans related to major operations and campaigns, crisis response and contingency operations, and joint, interagency, intergovernmental operations. Our approach to Strategy Development and Operational Planning includes:

  • Strategy Development: Conduct comprehensive strategic analysis; Establish frameworks for decision making; Develop basis for detailed planning; Provide vision in mission accomplishment; Enhance organization's ability to define mission success

  • Operational Planning: Instruct organization's ability to establish clear objectives; Develop activities (Lines of Operations); Derive standards and desired outcomes (Measures of Effectiveness); Analyze staff and resource requirements; Establish implementation criteria and timelines; Create procedures for monitoring progress

Training and Education Support. Corps Solutions provides a full range of consulting services and staff augmentation with the capacity and expertise to support military service and interagency training, and doctrine development. We support US government customers in carrying out critical training and education functions. These functions directly impact the ability of organizations, leaders, and personnel to accomplish national security missions. Our approach to Training and Education Support includes:

  • Training: Teach practical skills and competencies; Develop training events and Programs of Instruction directly related to Training and Readiness (T&R) requirements; Conduct T&R development; Provide Mobile Training Teams to deploying forces; Design Training Support Packages oriented at specific levels of training

  • Education: Develop reasoning and critical thinking; Impart requisite knowledge; Enhance problem solving and decision making abilities; Write, evaluate and develop Joint, Service and Interagency doctrine