Contract Vehicles - Quality Assurance

Quality of Services for Overall Contract. At Corps Solutions, our entire team is committed to quality assurance and quality control. We place great emphasis on ensuring our employees and subcontractors understand how their job affects quality.

Over the past year we have invested significant resources to establish and integrate effective quality processes into our day to day business. As a result of our investment in quality, Corps Solutions’ quality management system was certified ISO 9001:2008 compliant in 2014. Our corporate commitment to quality ensures that our project team will produce a customer focused Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) that prescribes actions and responsibilities to comply with our corporate quality policy. We will deliver our QAP within 30 days of contract award, and it will provide quality guidelines for the overall task and for individual performance. Finally, the QAP will specify the overall and individual responsibilities of the project team to ensure that QA measures are taken in a thorough and pragmatic manner.

Monitor and Maximize Quality. Corps Solutions corporate structure ensures positive control over projects, while simultaneously empowering managers, minimizing overhead costs, and assuring complete client satisfaction. Corps Solutions is a small business with a streamlined overhead structure, eliminating redundancies between top management and subcontract management. Corps Solutions is an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certified company that uses its ISO-compliant practices to manage all task orders, thus ensuring the highest levels of performance and consistency.

Our flattened structure and streamlined approach empower Program Managers and task leaders to make decisions which impact mission accomplishments, client satisfaction and cost reductions. This approach provides an important discriminator allowing us to meet and exceed the objectives set forth in the SeaPort-e statement of work. Flexibility is important to tailor our project teams and our inter-corporate relationships so that our team can meet the disparate requirements addressed under this procurement. This flexible approach also allows our team to grow and improve its service quality with the Warfare Centers as their roles and responsibilities evolve.

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